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Echo By Amazon

Listening to Old Time Radio has never been easier, and there’s never been so many ways to listen.  The newest way to listen to internet radio, without a computer or smart phone, is via a smart speaker.  Both Amazon and Google have some great sounding smart speakers that do more than just play music.  They are voice activated and can do everything from lower the temperature on your house thermostat to ordering your groceries online.  They also work somewhat like a smartphone (Amazon’s Echo can now make phone calls) in that they have lots of features and one of them is playing audio files and streaming audio from the internet.

The set-up is easy, they connect wirelessly to your wifi network, and then the rest is all about listening.  If you are one of the millions of people that already own one of these smart speakers, you already know what they are capable of.  If you haven’t listened to old time Radio yet, it’s easy to do, and all you need is your voice:

“Alexa, play (name of station) Radio on TuneIn”  or “OK Google, play (name of station) Radio on TuneIn”

And that’s it.  You will be connected to the old time radio.  We leave our Echos on 24/7 playing the old time radio and even if there is an outage of some sort, many times old time Radio will begin playing again once the outage is over.

Here’s what we’ve found:  Both the Echo and the Echo Dot (the small speaker) work the same way, but the speaker in the Echo is much richer.  The Echo Dot is still a nice quality sound compared to your smartphone onboard speaker or laptop speakers.

One more thing, because these speakers “learn” from use, we’ve seen that you may have to say “TuneIn Radio” instead of “TuneIn” at first, but after a few times you should be able to just say:

“[wake word for your device] play (name of station) Radio.”  Echo learned that very quickly after a few sign ins.

1640 A.M. America Radio Studios

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Every once in a while, you need to take time off from your busy schedule for a little relaxation and you-time. One of the most interesting yet underrated ways of doing this is by listening to some good old fashioned old time radio. These days, science and technology has gifted us with the internet where you can get access to all the great shows and radio series for live streaming on radio or downloading. Detective shows and crime fighting series were and still are among the most popular in the world of old time radio. Some of the most famous include The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow. Their exciting and wildly captivating nature is what keeps old world radio junkies coming back for more.



What makes detective radio shows so amazing?


Everyone loves a little mystery and this is exactly what you get from listening to old time radio detective shows. Even for those that do not like mystery, there is a lot more to gain from listening. Below are five key things that make the detective shows so great:


1. They are highly entertaining- Crime fighting is by far one of the most entertaining themes in all forms of literature and entertainment. It is the same case with Old Tome Radio detective shows. Just sitting through one session you will end up experiencing all sorts of emotions from anger and anxiety to relief and joy. And isn’t this what good entertainment is supposed to do?


2. They are educative- Detective radio shows are very educative but not in the school and exams kind of way. You stand to learn a lot just by listening to how the criminal masterminds organize grand heists and seeing how crime fighters solve cases. They open up your mind in ways that formal education might never be able to.


3. They help to keep you sharp- Anyone who has followed a series of detective radio shows can tell you that you never look at the world the same afterwards. All the exposure to the great minds and problem solving skills will have you seeing clues and identifying patterns wherever you go. This is a great way to keep your mind sharp.


4. They are never monotonous- The great thing about detective shows is that they can be about anything at all. This means that you never get bored because every show has something unique to offer. It is also a great alternative for people who want the mystery from stories but are not huge fans of reading.


5. They are captivating- The one thing that detective shows all have in common is that they are full of mystery and suspense. This will keep you hooked and fully engaged until the mystery is solved. It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone because you get to entertain yourself while resting during your free time.





If you haven’t already started listening to old world radio then you should get to it as soon as you can. Some of the greats include Adventures of Sam Spade, The Amazing Mr. Malone and Boston Blackie. These would be great for a first time listener and should give you a great idea what it really is all about.


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