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Old Time Radio Mini Hard Drive


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I'm so pleased you've chosen to visit 1640 Am America Old Time Radio for affordable OTR.



As a huge fan of OTR programs/series, I have been collecting these radio shows over the years and have purchased experience software to clean them up for broadcasting on my internet station. I have 1,614 old time radio series/programs. I have my personal favorites and I'm sure you do to. I'm certain you will find yours in my personal collection. If you enjoy listening to these wonderful old time radio shows, you found the place!



I know there are many OTR distributors who offer many of the same programs/series on CD's with digital files (mp3 format) for $3.00-$5.00 per disc. That is costly to collect every OTR show/series on the market, not to mention the space needed to hold ALL THOSE DISC!



My approach is affordable and easy for storage.



I currently offer my huge OTR collection of 85,000 old-time-radio shows delivered to your door on an external mini hard drive the size of a smartphone. All for $109.99.






Your just finger tips away from listening to the Golden Days Of Radio, simply plug the external mini hard drive into any USB port on your Mac or PC. You will see 1,614 plus file folders with the best in Old Time Radio, all in mp3 format. If you own an iPod or another mp3 player, you can simply copy your favorite programs/series onto your player and enjoy OTR shows. Plus, you can make copies onto CD's when ever you want.



My bonus to you:


400 British Old Time Radio Shows

60 Fibber Mcgee & Molly Lost Episodes.




Place your order today! If you have any questions, email us here.




Note: Each hard drive is tested before we ship to make sure everything is in working order. We also take extreme care in packaging your mini hard drive for shipment. Normal shipping time is 7 days. Each mini hard drive is prepared just for you!!



Best Wishes,


Bruce Michael

1640 Am America Old Time Radio




Mini Hard Drive Size: 3"x4.5"

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